Posted by: Angela | January 31, 2012

Who Am I?

Me – here is is who I am!

Reading and writing have always been my passion. Since school years, I used to enjoy the literature classes, be it English or any language, especially the ones on poems. I’ve always had the thrill in both reading new poems and trying out my own poems.

My all-time favorite poets are – a long list comes [not in any order though]

–          Thiruvalluvar – Gosh, he is the best – just in two lines only he, can say it all!!

–          Bharathiyar – Wow, with such a short life how many beautiful poems he has rendered! If only he has lived longer!

–          Shakespeare – Oh, that’s a legend who lives forever! I always admire the way he wrote Sonnets. My favorite sonnet of his is, Sonnet 116 – “Let me not to the..”

–          Rudyard Kipling – my favorite of his poems is  “If … “ –  that’s something for life-time!

–          Elizabeth Barrett Browning – my favorite of hers – ‘How Do I Love Thee?’

–          Robert Lee Frost – “The Road Not Taken”

–          John Keats – “When I Have Fears”

–          Edgar Allan Poe

–          Walt Whitman

–          Swami Vivekananda – “Arise, Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached”

–          Francis Bacon – I love all his words!

–          William Wordsworth

–          G.K. Chesterton

Oh and I can go on and on…

Having listed all these experts in poetry, I feel kind of odd to mention about my own poems!!

Anyway, let me put it like this – having them as inspiration, here I am trying out with my writings…

‘My Books’  are my collection of poems on eBooks – marking my debut.

My Blog would be the one through which I would share my thoughts – of course the ones I choose to share I guess…

Thank you for stopping by and reading my writings!

a reader is all it takes – for a writer to write!

Share your comments please

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