Posted by: Angela | February 1, 2012

May be or May be not…

May Be!

Hi, you know what
I’ve been looking all over for you

Oh really, and see how long you took

Sadly true indeed

So, how come you couldn’t find me?

That’s what I don’t know still
That’s what I was worried all along

But you sure did look for me?

May be I am not sure
Though I was telling that to me all the time

Why don’t you now tell me what happened

To start with,
May be cause I wanted to find something different
Or got myself bored with those I’ve seen as mine
Or felt like kind of losing pride in what I had
Or thought dealing with the same thing always
Or going too personal always
Or due to all these, wanted to take a break!

Hmm, sure you’ve got plenty for the ‘why’

But also,
May be its all just that – the reasons I give every time
One way or another its all mere reasons though
May be sometimes don’t know where to proceed to
Or what is the objective
Or may be that it doesn’t happen, that’s all!

True, it has to happen too!

Yeah, time or place is just a medium only when.

What else you learned on the way now?

Lot actually, now that you mentioned
You see, first of all nothing in between should matter
When I really want to find you

That’s something I’ve got to be proud of!
So, what exactly you found as in-between?

First, keeping on looking for a perfect one!
That of course who doesn’t care less?

Well, you said it yourself!
So, you’ve got to keep on going, no matter what

Then, this big concern about the feedbacks!
That’s one of the biggest traps I guess!

Absolutely, why audience is that important anyway?

May be or May be not!

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