Posted by: Angela | February 3, 2012

Passion – o – passion

Passion – o – passion

I was thinking – why I call reading and writing my passion?

If it is called passion, is it something we do day in and day out? Or is it just the opposite?

Or is it something we still might do day in and day out, but without any other reason, than just for it?

May be that would suit I guess!

Cause, even though I call it my passion, my actual life – of course goes in a different course!

Not that I have any regrets – I sure don’t have any!

I, in fact like it this way.

Passion is passionate when it’s not your mainstream work I believe!

It’s like the pleasure you get from a well-earned vacation after a long hard work!

– A sweetness like the apple from the neighbor’s tree!

– A stolen kiss in a dark movie theatre, even if it is your own lover!

– A warm sunny day in the month of Jan [imagine you are in a cold place of course]!

So… passion is something you cherish and cherish up to the tip of your tongue…….


  1. Passion for writing? Excellent!

  2. Passion is rooted in suffering. When we are passionate for writing is it because we need to soothe the suffering, or because we suffer when we do not write?

    • that is indeed a good question – thought provoking!
      i can sense your ‘i’ve been there’!! and so glad to know that.

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