Posted by: Angela | February 3, 2012

Standing on one leg..

Standing on one leg..

 There are some things that we read leave mark in our memory forever.  When I was may be in 7th or 8th grade, we had this essay of G.K.Chesterton.  And I still remember how I used to be awe-struck by his connections!

Here is the essence of it:

 To appreciate anything we must always isolate it, even if the thing itself symbolizes something other than isolation. If we wish to see what a house is it must be a house in some uninhabited landscape. If we wish to depict what a man really is we must depict a man alone in a desert or on dark sea sand. So long as he is a single figure he means all that humanity means; so long as he is solitary he means human society; so long as he is solitary he means sociability and comradeship. Add another figure and the picture is less human–not more so. One is company, two is none. If you wish to symbolize human building draw one dark tower on the horizon; if you wish to symbolize light let there be no star in the sky. Indeed, all through that strangely lit season which we call our day there is but one star in the sky–a large, fierce star which we call the sun. One sun is splendid; six suns would be only vulgar. One Tower Of Giotto is sublime; a row of Towers of Giotto would be only like a row of white posts. The poetry of art is in beholding the single tower; the poetry of nature in seeing the single tree; the poetry of love in following the single woman; the poetry of religion in worshipping the single star. And so, in the same pensive lucidity, I find the poetry of all human anatomy in standing on a single leg. To express complete and perfect leggishness the leg must stand in sublime isolation, like the tower in the wilderness. As Ibsen so finely says, the strongest leg is that which stands most alone.

I could so relate those words as I grow older and older. It gives more and more meaning I’d say.

That’s the beauty of some people like him, right?

I think we can extend this principle to everything in life as well.

We are able to appreciate anything better when it’s just by itself, right?

Same applies to us individually – we all have our own true color to each and every other individual. And it shows up only when we are just that – the individual as one.

One is indeed beauty!

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