Posted by: Angela | February 28, 2012

Beyond Genius

Beyond Genius

Is there any special word for an all around genius like Leonardo Da Vinci?

Usually one is genius in either science side or art side, that’s what we generally presume.

But look at him – ‘to admire him’ is not enough to say it all!

He is probably one of the rare people who could master it all!

Renowned primarily as an ardent painter, with in-depth details in his drawings, he is also greatly revered for his technological ingenuity. He is an extra-ordinary inventor – made important discoveries in variety of fields – anatomy, civil engineering, optics, and hydrodynamics. He invented so many important things, like the first design of a flying machine. He was a great mathematician especially in Geometry. He was valued as an engineer, a unique scientist. He was an expert in Anatomy, not just human but all sorts of living things. He was also considered a very talented musician. Apart from these, he was also an architect, a sculptor, and a writer too. With all that, he was one great humanitarian as well.

Amidst the conspiracies and the mysteries surrounded his works and his personal life even after five centuries, no wonder we are still awe-struck by his genius!


  1. YES~! I too Love this man and am always awestruck and in admiration of his genius~ Great Dedication~ ThanQ~!

  2. Satprem, now I am really excited, that you admire him too! Yup, he is truly some one!!
    Thanks for your kind words about my posts! It means a lot to me!
    – Suba

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