Posted by: Angela | February 28, 2012

Music and Me..

Music and Me

How much our life style changes over the time, I was wondering! And this one particular aspect of my life seems to be a good sample for that.

Music always used to make my day! Literally – I used to listen to music almost during all sorts of times. Whatever I’d do, I’d have some music in the back-ground. From getting up in the morning, till going to bed, where-ever I am, whatever I do there should be songs in the back-ground! I remember if its weekends or holidays, I’d take the tape recorder close to the bath room, and turn up the volume louder so I could hear when I shower! But except when we do home work or studying, it was not banned in our home actually. I think one reason might probably have been because, I usually never annoyed my parents with high volume, instead I would only move that thing around home, to be closer to where-ever I was, and keep the volume low. When I go to bed, I’d have a small cassette or half run cassette ready, so that it’d shut off after 3 or 4 songs. Later after I started working probably CD players and CDs would have been the most I got for myself. Then we had either radio/tape-recorder/CD player – at least any one of that in pretty much every room. That followed walkman/CD man as well; my best companion for all my train trips.

And I got married; it still continued I’d say. Only now, I could carry the CD player to the bathroom itself, when I showered!! I think CD player was the first thing we bought for our home together. He knew I couldn’t live without that thing! Seeing my craziness he even gifted me the very first mp3 player that came to the market. It could store only 8 to 10 songs, got to be re-loaded again and again to listen more, no speaker either! And it was indeed costly as well – all for that!! I still have that one safe. Anyway, then slowly life started to change – inadvertently. Every life has to go through metamorphosis, right?  Still music continued to be my major companion in life. I used to have/still have collections for all my moods and temperaments. Even for the pregnancy time, I used to have specific collections. I actually strongly believed my baby [both times] could listen to music from inside!! Then, when they were infants – for both of them – I was the CD player for them – oh did I mention before? – Yes I was/am a big singer!!! And I sing in 3 languages!!! [ if I sing I am a singer, right?! Ha ha ha.. in that sense!! ] We even have our own special family lullaby!! And my kids still love to hear me sing to them.  In fact my daughter used to always ask me why I didn’t become a singer!! Who knew, at those times!

Now after all those times, still I listen to songs a lot. With growing technologies, life becomes easier in this too. I carry my iphone or ipad to the shower. I’ve got to have songs in the back ground when I cook, do dishes or laundry or any chores. I’d even use ear-phone at those times, if the family is with TV.

Amidst all this in general to think of it, it has all gone down to very little when compared to how much I used to actually depend on music! Not that I regret or complain – just wondering!


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