Posted by: Angela | February 29, 2012

Emotional Needs

 Emotional Needs 

Silence when it’s needed

Mere smile in acknowledging the presence

Noise when that’s what’s required

More than words on admitting the absence

At times conversation though on nothing in particular

Harmless difference of opinions

Always be easy for discussion of any nature


Healthy arguments

Non-hurting negligence

Mutual respect if not admiration

Within a limit angers

Sharing the difference not only the common

Altogether, the comfort of companionship

— The most basic of all emotional needs.


I have tried this poem in the Sonnet format


  1. Really In~Joyed this one~ ThanQ~

    • Oh, this is my all-time favorite too!!
      I wrote this in Shakespearean Sonnet, and I liked how it turned out at the end.
      Thank you so much for appreciating this poem specifically!
      – Suba

      • I flunked English and absolutely suck in the grammar and punctuation department~What I know about writing “styles” or names thereof, you could fit into a thimble~ What I connect with mostly in another’s words is the “humanity” and when I can *feel* your words, it seems to remove barriers and ***connect*** us as One~ Thank you for this adventure into ^you^~

        • I am humbled before your kind words Satprem!
          Hope to write more and more that gives such connection!
          Thank you very much!
          – Suba

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