Posted by: Angela | March 2, 2012

Needs, needs…

Needs, needs…


When did we even start this?

May be the day we were born?

At that very cry from the bottom?

Was there The first expectation?

The very first need was born too?


Sure don’t know how it grew then.

But it should have come from there!


Cause next was that cry again

Sure this time it’s the expectation

Of course a baby needs food.

But then it was a simple need

And may be the only need

Oh, Life was simple then!


See now where we’ve come?

From one simple need to at least

One million simple needs, needs…


  1. Thank you Eric, themagnificentsomething, IamNotDefined – for stopping by my post and liking it!

  2. And a little child shall lead them… If only we could simplifiy it all as we could then. Hunger. Nurture. Shelter.

    • Well said Bowman! thanks!

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