Posted by: Angela | March 31, 2012

Amazing Music

Sankarabharanam Telugu Movie songs – 1979 – Music by K.V.Mahadevan

                                     I was listening to Sankarabaranam songs – like probably the thousandth time – and I felt the same way, like every time I hear those songs. Gosh, what a composition? what a music and what voices!! Now, that’s what is called classical and classic!

                                  How true is it that, there is no language barrier for music! I don’t know the language Telugu, yet I’ve been listening to these songs from the time I happened to watch that Movie, which was probably when I was in high school. Ever since then I’ve always had this collection. Those days in audio cassette, then in CD, then in mp3 player and now in my iphone. It never fails to amaze me! I could sing along all those songs without knowing the meaning of single word! That’s the beauty of good music, right! And I don’t listen to any other Telugu music either, this is just the one and only!

To listen to these songs:

Listen Sankarabharanam Songs

To watch these songs:


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