Posted by: Angela | April 5, 2012

100% Mom

100% Mom

It all starts from the day you find

That you are going to have a child

The day one of first worries

Of course along with the flurries

Too, of a whole lot of delight!

You never even start to expect

This is exactly how it’s going to be

Throughout your life whatever you be


Now, that’s what is called 100% mom


Starting to take care of you more

As it’s not just you anymore

Where did all the carelessness go?

Oh, now you can’t afford that so

Yes, there is no limit for that joy

When you first feel that girl or boy

Now don’t you already revolve

Around this little one? Wow!



Now, that’s what is called 100% mom


From here, and then onwards

Life just happens with no forewords

Fun and frolic, laughs and love

Fills your life; that’s just above

All the fears and sorrows too

Where is all that carefree life?

Now it’s just a distant dream

Still you do want only this

For all your life and beyond


Now, that’s what is called 100% mom


One day you are the best mom ever

Next day it is ‘I hate you’, you hear

By that time you are the expert

To know it’s all just the outburst

So what, you know for sure

You are the one they run to first

Be it a scrape, or just an ant bite

Math problem or friends issue


Now, that’s what is called 100% mom


Where did you start?

Where did you want to go?

And where are you now?

Feel like lost the track

So many things you gave up

You could have been a star

Could have been a pro

Some way or other earned may be more!


Now, that’s what is called 100% mom


Oh, so many things you saved though

From so many first tiny stuffs

First tooth, first hair, first shoe…

Foot prints, hand prints in ink blue

To so many special notes of

‘Mommy, I love you’, ‘Mommy, get better soon’

Every Valentine’s Day card, every mother’s day card

Every little memory in all those DVDs and USBs


Now, that’s what is called 100% mom


Would anything really compare?

To all the treasures you gathered

That’s why you go on even when it’s all….

Work, work, and more work

Is all the magic word now

Cook, clean, wash, drive

Do repeat all over tomorrow.

It will all be worth it you know

When One day they’ll truly know

You gave your life and soul 100% for them!


Now, that’s what is called 100% mom


  1. Beautiful….

    • Haiiii.. .thanks Banu!

  2. oh, Suba… Where was this poet in you this while…?
    And …SO, true .. and can just relate to it..

    • Hi Kavitha, thank you ! I think I needed some push somehow!! – to write I mean!
      well, if most moms could relate – may be i would consider myself ‘not bad’!!!

  3. Hats Off Mommy! Well Said..

    • Thank you! I know you’d like it!

  4. Hats off to you for bringing “100% mom”

    • 🙂
      Appreciate your wishes…

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