Posted by: Angela | April 5, 2012

We, the Santa

We, the Santa

I remember very well now

How we became Santa one day

She’s three at that time

Comes from pre-school happily

Claims ‘I told Santa what I want’

For X’mas this time.

We don’t have a clue how to

Keep her simple faith

Ok, we need Santa now

Where do we go to get one?

Hence we became her Santa then


Therefore it all started …

She’d write a note to us [now, it’s us Santa]

With what all she’d want

Then, we got to chase every store

To get those one by one

How do they ever come up with –

Just the rarest toy all the time?

Her first such wish was, oh I can’t forget

The stuffed Strawberry Shortcake doll!

Which was bigger than her own size

I think we would have checked at least

Ten different stores before we’ve

Proved we were indeed the Santa


So, X’mas morning she wakes up

Wow, look at that thrill in that

Sparkly eyes! There, she declares –

See, I know there is really Santa!

She goes on, on how he comes

First he picks up the kids who did good

He already has all the letters, right?

All he needs to do is get everything

Then you know the whole big deal

Now, when it’s my turn he jumps

Through our chimney right next to our tree

See I told you, he likes cookie and milk?

He is happy and eats them all,

Then leaves the special gift for me!

That’s her story of Santa’s visit!


  1. Love the title!

    • 🙂
      Thank you Nyx!
      And thanks for stopping by and reading my posts.
      – Suba

      • Good work too, by the way! 🙂

        • that’s so nice of you to compliment! Really appreciate it, thank you.

  2. So sweet! Brings up precious memories. My Santa is with the angels and saints now…

    • First I am so sorry to hear about your Santa..
      And I am glad my poem did remind you of precious memories – that is the important thing about Santa right! Hope good memories would always bring you peace.. i dont know what else to say about that.. than sorry again!
      and i am so touched you liked my poem and you shared your thoughts.
      Thank you Unsungpoet!
      – Suba

  3. So cute!

    • 🙂 my daughter was very happy to read about her story too!!

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