Posted by: Angela | April 19, 2012

No, No, No…

No, No, No…

Do I really like it so?

To say that many ‘No’

Start from the morning

Way after the evening

How many times do I

Happen to really utter

This one simple syllable


Once upon a time I so

Really hated this very

Word that’s called ‘No’

Now, look where I am

Isn’t life so very tricky

We get our own turns

To say it so many times


I think it all starts from

The time you say ‘Yes,

‘I do’. From one simple

‘Yes’, it’s the entire ‘No’s

To follow, what a great

Irony that this is all!

Isn’t this the beauty?

When ‘me, me, me’

Becomes ‘not just me’?




  1. ha! 🙂 good one.

    • Thank you Sharmishtha.. appreciate it.
      and thanks for stopping by too…

  2. How true!!

    • Hi, good to hear from you! 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Very Good one. Nice correlation of Yes & No.

    • thank you Kriba! So good to hear from you!!

  4. Exactly. I often find myself saying “no”, even for long periods of time, my will seems locked up and totally limp. Saying YES has to become a habit, one I’m working on no doubt. Great post, nice blog!

    • you have said it just right Pete! thats exactly what i am working on too – to say more ‘yes’ than ‘no’!
      Pete, thank you so very much for your kind appreciation!

  5. simple & true!

    • Thank you for your nice compliment Arooma!
      I like your writing too…
      – Suba

  6. Your poem reminded me of the, ‘never say no to a child,’ lesson from some wise teacher somewhere. We were encouraged to always say, yes! you can have/do/see.go… but later! That turned out to be nuts 🙂 We all have to say, ‘No.” sometimes. Well said. 🙂

    • True – we need to say No, but we need to remember to say a lot of ‘yes’ to them as well!!
      – Suba

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