Posted by: Angela | May 16, 2012

My Favorite Season

My Favorite Season


Of all the seasons I would say

This might be the one to stay

As my all time favorite.

First time when I really knew

Seasons could be colorful too

Just exactly as in pictures

That’s the time I truly fell

In love with this, now I guess!


All those times we sure did know

As per science, the seasons four

But only when we really SEE each

And every color of it, everything

Is magical in its own special way


When it is Spring, it’s all green

A hale and healthy sign it is

Along that comes an array of

Various other colors too, with

So many beautiful flowers to choose

What a pleasant time of year

Spring is indeed one of a kind!


Summer is marching in next now

The brightest of all it might be

With abundant sunshine sure it

Comes with ever so loved rains too

Henceforth bringing wealth to land

Making every life happy

Summer sure is one of the best!


Fall is the one that’s next in line

As inevitable as it is, for everything

Has to come to wind up, from buds

To flowers, to fruits to seeds

In fact it’s when you reap the yields

With the brown that’s so mesmerizing

With falling leaves and chilling winds

Fall is the season I fell in love with!


Now, white with all that snow Winter

Is the one I guess most would love

To have fun and play with. Of course

As long as everything comes in

Limits we sure can enjoy its benefits

Be it Sun or Rain, or Wind or Snow

Either way, Winter sure always stands out!




  1. Reblogged this on ram0ram note book.

    • Hi Ram, I am glad you liked my poem and reblogged in yours as well!
      Thanks for stopping by, and pls come back too.
      I like your writings as well…
      – Suba

  2. me too, fall is just the season i love most… very nice poem!

    • Yeah… Isn’t that the best!!
      Thank you for your kind compliment too…

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