Posted by: Angela | May 24, 2012

My Books…

My Books

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”

– Rabindranath Tagore put it wisely.

So, it struck me that probably that’s what I’ve been doing – standing and staring!

And that was my motivation to plunge into this – my first publishing experience. Knowing close to nothing in that area, on some impulse, I just opened an amazon account, sent few of my poems for their eBook publishing in Kindle. Up until I saw my first so called Book came alive on Kindle, I didn’t really realize – that was actually publishing per se!! Well, then only I actually sorted it out, did some editing and all, to make it close to a real book and re-did it again. I placed my collection of poems as two different books based on the main subject. And that’s the story of how my first book[s] [eBook actually, to be clear] was born.

My first collection of poems is ‘From My Pen, On Love’. That includes my very simple poems to some of my in-depth ones on the theme of love. I have played with some poetic forms in few of my poems. Like, the classical ‘Sonnets’, the popular ‘Haiku’, another classical ‘Ballade’, the fun to play with ‘Pantoum’.

From My Pen, On Love

Every now and then we all turn philosophical, right? ‘From My Pen, On Life’ is a collection of some of my thoughts poured at those times! I have tried a different classical form in one of the poems; the form is ‘Villanelle’. And I love the way it really turned out.

From My Pen, On Life

Would greatly appreciate if you could get my books and read!


  1. Congratulations. I will download them for my collection and look forward to spending time with them. Good for you!

    • Hi Rhonda! you are always the best! I would be so lookng forward to your comments once you read those poems as well…
      – Suba

      • I am a night reader…downloaded them last nite. They will be my dream weavers tonight. Can’t wait!

        • wow, really? didnt I tell you, you are the best!!
          you really made my day! thanks again!

          • I’m glad I added a smile to your day! 🙂

  2. Suba,
    Wanted to stop by and congratulate you…I have been reading …On Love…a poem a night. I find it calms me and makes for very positive thoughts while I fall asleep. The first one, about your precious ones, resonated deep within as I miss my boys so much, especially the tender moments we shared when they were small enough to climb on my lap for just the right hug. Thank you for sharing it and for the re-connection to all that is loved my my life.

    • oh, that is so great to hear Rhonda! Yes, that is close to my heart as well – the poem about my ‘Precious one’. True, kids do get bigger and bigger, but those precious moments are always for us to cherish!
      And thank you so much for your kind feedback Rhonda! Would sure love to hear more and more as you read more!
      – Suba

      • and you will. I have some catching up to do…but look forward to returning to your poems for some peace. Talk soon

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