Posted by: Angela | October 4, 2013

Me then and Me now…

Me then and Me now…

At 20 I was naïve and goody goody
Now I know I couldn’t call myself that
I used to believe in everyone in everything
Now I wish if it could be that easy…
At 20 I thought the world was so big
But now I see how small the world is!
I used to dream I’ll be big in something
Then I think I just woke up from it.
At 20 everything seemed possible
Now I know I can’t even pretend that’s possible
I used to complaint I had lots of homework
Nobody told me that was never going to end
At 20 I wished for a fairy-tale life
But then who wouldn’t at that age?
I used to enjoy all the little things in life
Where is that ‘me’ now, oh how I long to know
At 20 of course the roads were plenty
Now I’ve learnt that’s nothing but a maze
I used to be certain I had all the choices
Who had a clue there might be a preset?
At 20 I imagined love as a constant
But then they’ve changed the physics it seems
I used to never doubt that, now do I?
Or maybe it’s meant to be a constant work!
At 20 I could trust simply because!
Now, if only I could be that naïve
I guess I could still be goody goody
                                                                                                     [Frame Poem]


  1. Very good!!!

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