Posted by: Angela | January 8, 2015


After standing in the long line

Just when you get your turn you find

They ran out of that coffee

That you desperately want


After waiting so long in the bus stop

Finally your bus comes but doesn’t really

Stop by, since it’s already jam-packed

Now next one is in another hour


After having a root canal process

You bump into that long forgotten

Dessert place where you know your

Little piece of heaven lies


After researching again and again

You think you found your best bet and

Get that high tech laptop, only to find in

Six months, it’s not that high tech anymore


After giving so much thought

You put a lump of amount in that stock

Because you see it jumping solid rock

But then out of the blue it did somersault


  1. Superb but simple
    So simply superb

    • thanks!!

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