Me – here is who I am!

Reading and writing have always been my passion. Since school years, I used to enjoy the literature classes, be it English or my native language, especially the ones on poems. I’ve always had the thrill in both reading new poems and trying out my own poems.

My all-time favorite poets are – a long list comes [not in any order though]

–          Thiruvalluvar – Gosh, he is the bestjust in two lines only he, can say it all!!

–          Bharathiyar – I am awestruck every time I think of him –  with such a short life how many beautiful poems he has rendered! If only he has lived longer!

–          Shakespeare – Oh, that’s a legend who lives forever! I always admire the way he wrote Sonnets. My favorite sonnet of his is, Sonnet 116 – “Let me not to the..”

–          Rudyard Kipling – my favorite of his poems is  “If … “ –  that’s something for life-time!

–          Elizabeth Barrett Browning – my favorite of hers – ‘How Do I Love Thee?

–          Robert Lee Frost – “The Road Not Taken

–          John Keats – “When I Have Fears

–          Edgar Allan Poe

–          Walt Whitman

–          Swami Vivekananda – “Arise, Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached

–          Francis Bacon – I love all his words!

–          William Wordsworth

–          G.K. Chesterton

Oh and I can go on and on…

Having listed all these experts in poetry, I feel kind of odd to mention about my own poems!!

Anyway, let me put it like this – having them as inspiration, here I am trying out with my writings…

‘My Books’ are my collection of poems on eBooks – marking my debut.

‘My Blog’ would be the one through which I would share my thoughts – of course the ones I choose to share I guess…

Thank you for stopping by and reading my writings!

a reader is all it takes – for a writer to write!


53 thoughts on “Who Am I?

      1. Hi Suba
        I am looking for book Volga to Ganga (hindi or English)
        Can you help.

        I am searching this book since long but not getting any leads to find this book. ( you can write to me on designcad22 ‘at’ yahoo dot com)

        1. Chirag! oh yes, that’s one of my old time favourite book! I also had a very hard time – I was looking for it long time, but couldnt get it online even in amazon either. So finally I bought it when I went to India last time. I’d say, that would be a sure shot!

  1. I, personally, would add The Psalms, written by David, the sons of Korah…but that’s just me. Glad to make your acquaintance! I’ll be watching?

    1. Though Iam not very well versed in Psalms, I have heard few, and I am sure those are one of a kind too. No wonder you would like to them to be your most favorite!
      Thank you Jonathan, for dropping by and sharing your opinions. Appreciate it.

  2. thanks for stopping by to like my writing, means a ton, will try to get back here soon to check out more of yours

    1. Thank you theobscurepoet! I do appreciate your stopping by as well!
      And I would be vey glad if you could come visit more and more too.. will do the same too.

    1. Thats great! I’ve also always enjoyed their works!
      And Thank you very much for your comments and likes for my posts! I appreciate it a lot!

    1. It really is! That is my all-time favorite! Vow, I am so glad to hear you like that too.. Its a good choice to read to student as well – so inspirational!
      And thank you so very much for dropping by and liking my posts as well, also most importantly for sharing this with me!


    1. Hi Ganesh, I could imagine, you also like all those poets!
      And you made my day – by your compliments! – like always, you are the best when it comes to that!! 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha…
      I am surprised too Satprem, if you could relate that much.. I am truly thrilled!
      Appreciate your stopping by and taking effort and time to comment too..
      – Suba

    1. Glad you also like some of the same poets Don! ? And thank you so much you took time to like and comment on my posts.
      – Suba

    1. Wow, that’s good to hear James, especially Chesterton! Yup, he is one of a kind writer.
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and sharing your comments as well, happy writing ….
      – Suba

  4. thanks for stopping and liking my In Three post today. I always enjoy new visits, especially those that lead me to lovely poetic sites such as yours.

    1. I am glad you also think so Lee! ?Sure there are so many incredible poets out there!!
      Appreciate your stopping by and taking time to comment too.
      – Suba

  5. Suba,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and responding to “The Gun, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

    I’m afraid that poem, along with the previous poem, combined to disquiet my grown children, who both Facebooked me in hysterics. I assured them it was not autobiographical (at least to the dire extent of it), and that I possessed nothing like a gun in my arsenal.

    Your layout is, indeed, unique. I promise to return and peruse. I invite you to do the same as you wish.

    Sklip Marsden (aka, L. Stewart)

    1. Hi Stewart,
      To think of that, that might be true from their point of view. But still as a parent, your words had the message that has its own place and meaning as well!
      Anyhow, your writings are wonderful!
      And I am so grateful for your kind words about mine.
      Please do re-visit, will do the same as well.
      – Suba

    1. Thats so nice Candace – you also like Frost? But again, what is not to like about him, right?!
      And thank you very much for your stopping by to read and comment about my poems! will look forward your re-visits!
      – Suba

  6. Wonderful blog Suba 🙂 May I make a wee suggestion? Some of your (listed) poets are new to me. I wanted to click on their name and be led to… their works? some more info, a Wikipage.: Maybe link their name to their poems in your blog…? Just a thought.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and liking my post 🙂

    1. You know what, that is indeed a wonderful idea Elizabeth! I do like your suggestion, and thanks for that. Will try to do it soon.
      Of course and thank you very much for your super compliment as well. Love your writing too!
      – Suba

      1. Hi Elizabeth, as you suggested, included the links and the works for the poets!! Hope that is helpful for any one who is interested!
        thanks again!

  7. Hi Suba,
    Nice to see your blog. You always amaze me of your worldly knowledge. Keep it up and all the best. Starting a blog to share my thoughts is also in my long list of to do. Proabaly someday it will happen.
    In the meantime, good luck. I’ll drop by whenever I can.

  8. Hi Angela …Thankyou for your kind introduction by visiting my blog …yours is beautiful and I will joyfully follow you on your amazing journey …blessings of love xxx meg

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