Posted by: Angela | October 13, 2013

If You….

If You…..

If you are too smart you are a geek

If you are too nice you are weak?

If you are above average you are a star

If you are below average you are a bore!

If you know it all you are a brainy

If you are goof and all you are zany!

If you spend a lot you are spendthrift

If you just save a lot aren’t you adrift?

If you talk too much you don’t listen

If you listen too much you don’t talk

If you are too busy you miss all the fun

If you are too lazy you have none!

If you love a lot you are obsessed

If you shove a lot you are possessed

If you drink a lot you are alcoholic

If you think a lot you are maniac?

If you eat a lot you gain pounds

If you sweat a lot you lose pounds!

If you are a shy you are okay

If you are a high you are not!

If you lie your eyes will tell

If you cry it does as well

If you want you can ask

If you taunt I don’t bask

If you wish you can touch the sky

If you fish anything can drop by

If you aim for one there’s no limit

If your fame forgone it’s so forfeit

If you need you’ll do anything

If you succeed save everything

If you are free you do it all

If you agree you don’t stall

If you fuss you don’t achieve

If you push you’d rather heave

If you seek you’ll always find

If you sneak you’ll be denied

If you are fast you can win

If you look past you’ll grin

If you care enough love is yours

If you are so tough love differs

If you are wise you’ll think twice

If you are nice that’s your prize

If you are happy you would let go

If you are snappy you don’t think through

If you are angry you are blind

If you are sorry you are kind

If you are loved you are lucky

If you are unloved you are rusty

If you are young you are restless

If you are old you worry endless

Now, if I want I can end

If not I can still bend…


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  3. shared liked reblogged but most of all I enjoyed and I concur

    • Wow.. thank you very much! and that’s so nice of you, coming from an experienced writer like you!

  4. Hey, Wonderful..

    • 🙂 thank you!!

  5. Another excellent one!

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    • if you say so!!
      and thanks Banu!!

  6. if all this from you …
    everyone loves you…
    good one Suba..

    • 🙂 that’s always good to know!!
      thank you!

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