Posted by: Angela | April 4, 2012

Hi Hello!

Hi Hello!

Hi Hello!

Who’s the fellow?

It’s me, you know!


Didn’t really know how

To say it here and now

Bent like a violin bow

Flinch through my brow

Holding on the bough

Think I am gonna go

Crazy to allow

I’m the one that follow

Him through, although

I never know him, no!


How did I happen to stow

This silly phone though

How would I know?

When all look alike, for all I know

It was just mine, you know


Anyhow here we go

Quid pro quo

I’ve got to undergo

This dumb show


So, hi hello

It’s me, you don’t know!


  1. Satis Ambitiosum..

    • Hi Kayalvizhi, so good to hear from you!
      and hi.. ‘if you say so… ‘ that’d be right indeed!

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